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Gateway Spotlight ChorUS (core US) is an extraordinary group of active women who gather together in celebration of the four-part a cappella art form known as barbershop harmony.  Armed with top musical leadership, we have the tools to educate our members and build a strong performing and competitive group.

Come join us!




Gateway Spotlight ChorUS is looking forward to performing throughout the greater St. Louis area and nearby Illinois communities. We will present annual shows, perform at community events and participate in annual competitions.  We look forward to entertaining at your next function or event.  Learn more at the Hire Us tab.


At Gateway Spotlight ChorUS, every rehearsal is an educational workshop.  Vocal instruction is a regular part of chorus rehearsals, and a vital component of the performance and competition experience. Good vocal technique enhances our ability to sing musically, sing accurate intervals and tune chords.  Our members work to improve their singing techniques, learn how to create vocal unity and tune barbershop chords, and add visual enhancements, characterization and emotional expression to our music. 


At various times during the year, we welcome coaching from visiting master in the art of barbershop, where we learn and apply even more singing and performing skills. 



In the spring of each year, the Gateway Spotlight ChorUS participates in Region 5 chorus competition. Competitions are a special time for quartets and choruses to come together, sing for each other, and receive written evaluations of their performance from a panel of four certified judges. The winners of the regional competition in both quartet and chorus categories have the opportunity to participate in the International Competition held each fall. (click here to learn more).


Many choruses have members who form their own quartets in addition to singing with the chorUS.  Gateway Spotlight ChorUS is currently developing new quartets and small groups or double quartets.  We believe there is always room to grow, learn, laugh, and love together.



Gateway Spotlight ChorUS is a chapter of Sweet Adelines, International, a non-profit organization of approximately 25,000 members in approximately 600 choruses worldwide. Sweet Adelines International headquarters is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We are part of Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 which includes parts of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.


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