WELCOME to Our Guests and Prospective Members!


 We are very glad you have joined us this evening and that you are considering becoming a part of the Gateway Spotlight ChorUS and Sweet Adelines International. 


We rehearse every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm unless otherwise announced.


Gateway Spotlight ChorUS members understand that first rehearsals can be intimidating and that you may find it difficult to keep up at first.  Please remember that every member started the very same way and we all appreciate and know the feeling of pride and achievement that comes from jumping in and starting and from conquering your initial doubt.


Gateway Spotlight ChorUS always welcomes new members – continued growth is one of our top priorities.  Increasing our membership secures our future, elevates our performance lives and improves our potential for a higher competition ranking.  We hope you will want to become a part of our growth.


Please sign in each week at the guest table and pick up a name tag.  Your time at the guest table is the best time to ask one of our membership coordinators any question you might have.


Audition Qualification


 Procedures have been set up to guide you through the first few weeks before you audition and qualify for membership in the Gateway Spotlight ChorUS.  The purpose of this process is to let you discover the joy of our style of singing and to determine whether or not the musical expectations of the ChorUS suit your lifestyle.


An explanation of our audition procedures is included below.  This sheet also contains a note about on-going repertoire qualifications.


It is not required that you read music; however, you will need the ability to coordinate your ear and your voice in order to sing on pitch and hold your own part against those singing other parts around you.  You will not need a formal training in rhythm patterns, but you will need to possess the ability to learn and maintain a basic tempo and rhythm patterns as taught in rehearsal.  You will need to sing and perform basic visual enhancements within that tempo.


We welcome you and hope you will enthusiastically pursue our membership process.  Please feel free to contact the Membership Committee with any questions you may have. 


 Carol McFadden                                      and                                        Brenda McCall

 Membership Coordinator                                                                                Director       618-972-3583 (C)                                                                             314-229-9819(C)

 tunebug@aol.com                                                             BrendaMcCallGSC@gmail.com


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