Got Questions?

Here are a number of frequently-asked questions that people ask:


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, we perform at various community events, local festivals, business and charitable events and arts festival events, as well as participating in Christmas events around the Holiday Season.  We also occasionally sing for retirement dinners and anniversary celebrations.  


We will invite our communities to attend dinner shows and trivia nights to share the joy of a cappella music and strengthen our relationship with our communities.  


Gateway Spotlight ChorUS will also participate in a Sweet Adelines regional competition each spring where our level of technical and performance excellence is measured against criteria in the categories of Music, Sound, Expression and Showmanship.  Each chorus is awarded an overall placement in the competition and possibly a placement in specific divisions based on size. 


Performances do not occur every week and we travel to competition only once a year.  However, members do spend time learning, reviewing and perfecting music and visual routines in our repertoire at home.  Personal learning time depends on how fast you learn and retain and what new music has been introduced.


What is the cost?

Please don't hesitate to contact our Membership Coordinator at 618-397-6472 for answers to your specific questions.  ChorUS dues include funds for International and regional fees as well funds to assist our chapter operating expenses.  ChorUS and competition expenses are within most household budgets.


What is the audition procedure?

A voice assessment will assist you in choosing one of our four singing parts at your first rehearsal -- this is NOT an audition.  (See About Us/What is Barbershop? for an explanation of the parts we sing.)  You'll be given a folder of information about our chorUS and will use a binder of music provided for our guests at your first few rehearsals.


Our Membership Coordinator and a member of our Music Staff will provide music and learning tools for the current audition song and explain our audition procedure to you.  You'll have a few weeks to learn the music selected and practice singing it with a recording or with the chorUS.


When you're ready to audition, let our Membership Coordinator know.  You'll be provided an opportunity to either record your voice while singing with the chorUS or sing the audition selection in a quartet situation.  (You would sing your part along with one singer from each of the other three voice parts, forming a quartet.)


Questions about our audition procedure?  Don't hesitate to contact our Membership Coordinator at 618-397-6472 for answers to your specific questions. 


Do I have to be a great singer?

No.  And you don't even have to read music.  But it is important that you be able to learn and hold your part, whether melody or a harmony part, on your own and with the other three parts. A good ear, an ability to sing in tune and the ability to memorize music will be required.


Many of our members have sung in school and church choirs.  Some have backgrounds in musical theatre or instrumental music.  A few are professionally trained and often find themselves in leadership positions in our choruses and in our International organization. Some of our singers become International Quartet Champions (Queens of Harmony).  We have three Queens of Harmony in Gateway Spotlight ChorUS!!


How do I learn the songs?

It will be beneficial to use a digital or even a cassette recorder to record your part and special instructions when new music is being taught.  For older repertoire, you will be provided copy of the printed music and a recorded learning track of your part line.  You may also wish to ask for other part lines so you can duet your part with another as you learn.  There will also be opportunities to sing music you are learning with the chorus.  





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